Chicago Machine Promo [HD]

Commercial Promo - "Chicago Machine" - Production Designer .

2014 / Dir. George Pitsilos / Prod. Lauren Walker / Cin. Matthew Rivera

RumChata: The Adventures Of Christopher Corumbus

Commercial, “Rum Chatta” – Prop Master
2014 / Dir. Rick Hamann & Chris Roe / Prod. Brian Keller / Cin. Fred Miller


Commercial, "Febreze" - Set Dresser

2014/Dir. Alex Beh

Intel: Turning Into Your Parents? Dr. Jimm Can Help.

Commercial, "Intel" – Prop Master, Set Dresser
2015 / PD. Stacey Buckner / Cin. Fred Miller

Carnival Cruises: If you were a rug, this brave hero would cut you.

Commercial, "Carnival Cruises" – Set Dresser
2015 / Dir. Leo Garcia / Prod. Angie Gaffney / Cin. Fred Miller

Carnival - A hero with a sing-talking voice of gold.

Commercial "Carnival Cruise Line" / Set Dresser

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey - Hello and Arf!

Commercial, “Jack Daniels” - Set Dresser
2015 / Dir. Alex Beh

Carnival - If the world is an oyster, this hero ate it.

Commercial "Carnival Cruise Line" / Set Dresser

Anheuser Busch - Are you a flip-flopper?

Commercial "Anheuser Busch" / Set Dresser